Hi! I'm char*line;

I'm a UX/UI designer and a front-end developper, based near Bordeaux, France.

Let's work together!

I'm a multipotential jellyfish!

About me

I code mainly in JS, I'm in love with Vue.js, and passionate about CSS and Figma!

I'm also familiar with React, Angular, PHP and C and I love learning new technologies.

I built my first website in 2009 and never stoped since then!

You'll find more details about my experiences on Linkedin.

Besides coding:

I'm also a dancer, specialized in tribal fusion. Dance is my main passion and I love to fuse coding and dancing, by creating usefull apps for dancers.

Want to chat about code and/or dance? Write to me!

photo by Kevin Mesme

What I do

Logo design
UX/UI design
Brand Identity
Print communications
Websites and web apps
Data visualisations
Visuals for social media

What you want is not on the list? I'd be happy to work on something new, tell me about it!

Want to see some examples?

Latest Project

Currents Projects:

Dance Notebook: An app where dancers can note their moves/combos/poses and give them tags and caracteristics to easily find them later

What's the counts? : An app where dancers can find a track fitting their needs. Search by bmp, counts, energy, style, ...

Get in touch

If you want to work with me or just if you want to chat about something, email me here!

I'm also contactable on social media.